Sunday, 16 May 2010


project 14 - wake up call!

we had another poster project.
(as much as i moan about them, these are now my favourite!)

we have to use type and image to design a powerful poster that related to an issue chosen from a list we were given.
our poster had to be black and white and a1 in size

i chose to do 'nutrition - forget celebrity chefs and posh restaurants, the average British family do not eat together regularly and can't be bothered to cook healthy food'

i did a bit of research and found a shocking fact that '60% of families don't eat together on sundays'
we were told our posters target audience was us, our class.
so using this fact i decided to design a poster to encourage university students to remember to go back home and visit.
my favourite meal of all time is sunday dinner, which is probably way this fact stood out so much for me. i used the the thought of going home for a sunday dinner for my imagery and the stereotypical idea that many students don't eat as well as at home so many must miss home cooked meals.

and also with some help from Bill Withers here and his song 'aint no sunshine when she's gone' created my poster.

(underneath the imagery is my found fact and the tag 'take a trip home')

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