Thursday, 25 February 2010


There's so much i want to do at the moment, but it seems like there's no time to do anything.
my head feels like this!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


food trance
When did food stop being so fun?
i wish all food adverts where still like these and all food looked so colourful

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I watched the film 'The Royal Tenenbaums' recently

i think this scene is so beautiful!

i want a tent in my room.


these are some mono-print gifts from George and Rufus.
just lovely! thanks guys.


Hoarding clearly does have it's advantages!
so glad i collected these stamps, i'm going to continue adding


Personal Project

here are some images from a project called 'cats', that i have unexpectedly started.
meoooooooow !


Materials Workshop - One
We had a Materials workshop lead by Matt Wingfield.

he's done some pretty cool window displays, worth a look.
i found these silkscreen prints of his, i like them lots.

the workshop was about vinyl use though, not silkscreen.
Matt was nice enough to give use a load of free plastic to play with.
i'm still not sure what to use if for, but here's a rubbish iphone photo of me marking our table territory


Materials Workshop - Two

here's some of his work...

i completely agree with/love/enjoy the 'hand made' look and approach to work.


I can't remember who this is, i found it on my desktop and i think it's lovely


Nigel Shafran

Charity shops/Car-boot sales/Market stalls (2001/2)
this series of photographs have remained my favourtie for 3 years now
so nice! (content and shot)

although everything he has shot, i love


Project 11 - Art of the Accident Intro- Joint Graphics/Illustration
(part one)

We were put in groups and we have to choose one of the themes from a list with where given to help explore the idea of "art of the accident"
i'm unsure as to whether or not we finally choose a title but i these ones fit best...

Create an image(s) developed from ‘happy accidents’


Utilise materials you have never used before


Use some familiar materials in a less familier way.

we were went to the pound shop and got some candles and played with melting and burning.
and we used ink and water to create interesting "accidental" outcomes.

(thank you Matt for the photographs)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Library Brief (Graphic/Illustration)

We had to create a poster advising/promoting the Library aimed at students. I decided the two things I love is cake and free things and so surely other students do? Someone told me once that the best way to get someone to do something is to trick them, someone also told me to keep things simple. I thought I'd listen to both.

the poster should read,



i forgot to say that this was a live brief and i found out that my poster was one of the lucky ones to win! wooooo.
so if you attend brighton university, you should see this up in the corridor soon.


Project 10
- 'Is It Not Strange?' Stories

We had to pick one stories from a list of strange news stories that you would believe to not be true, but are in fact true.
I choose the story of a 'Tiger found in a Harlem Flat' to loosely base my project on.

here are some tiger faces

I had a letter press induction. i really enjoyed it.