Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Project 11 - Art of the Accident Intro- Joint Graphics/Illustration
(part one)

We were put in groups and we have to choose one of the themes from a list with where given to help explore the idea of "art of the accident"
i'm unsure as to whether or not we finally choose a title but i these ones fit best...

Create an image(s) developed from ‘happy accidents’


Utilise materials you have never used before


Use some familiar materials in a less familier way.

we were went to the pound shop and got some candles and played with melting and burning.
and we used ink and water to create interesting "accidental" outcomes.

(thank you Matt for the photographs)


  1. The last one with the water tank looks amazing! Better than anything I produced for that project last year.

  2. thanks :) i have to give the credit to the boys in my group there though.
    i think i was just playing with marbles and ink and watching in amazement, ha!